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Information on joining the Aetha'soran Empty Information on joining the Aetha'soran

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This PRC is currently inactive. If you still have an interest in perhaps taking over and using our (now probably outdated) info, apply and send me a message.


If you apply with an email, be sure it's real as I will use it for contact.

Who are the Aetha'soran?
If you are reading this, then you are most likely a male channeler interested in joining our ranks.

The Aetha'soran are male channelers who wish to learn how to wield the Power in the war against the Shadow. Currently, we swear no allegiance to any man who has claimed to be the Dragon Reborn--we are not Dragonsworn. Our mission is merely to survive to Tarmon Gai'don so that we may use the Power in the Last Battle against the Dark One and his minions.

By joining our organization, you will become a member of a secret brotherhood, part of a family that will support you and help you as we walk together towards the Last Battle. You will gain access to our library, containing all of our collective knowledge about the One Power, equipment, angreal, and other miscellaneous information about the world. You will find loyal, trustworthy companions to join you in your hunt for greater strength (XP), equipment (smobbing), and Shadowspawn (PK).

Requirements for entry into our clan:
1) You must walk in the Light. Murderers, Darkfriends, and criminals need not apply.
2) You must be a male channeler able to seize saidin.
3) You must have the strength and experience of at least 20 men for an interview to occur, and of at least 25 men to be officially inducted into our ranks.*
4) You must undergo an interview with a member of our Council. This will be logged and shared with the rest of the Council members, who will vote on your application.

If the Council votes in your favor, you will be asked to complete a task. This may involve retrieving a specific item or scalp, hunting (XPing) with a clan member, and/or sparring with another clan member. If your performance is satisfactory, you will be accepted into the clan.

How do I apply?
We currently have an open application process. If you meet the necessary requirements for the clan and wish to begin the application process today, simply register for our forums with a valid email address. You must use the name of a male channeler who has registered for the official WoTMUD forums. We recognize that this requires your trust; know that we do not take this lightly. After you have applied, wait to be contacted by a Council member with more information. This will come to you via a forum mail at the official WoTMUD forums (

*NOTE: Any male channeler who is successfully inducted into the Aetha'soran with the strength and experience of at least 40 men will be initiated as a Veteran Soldier (Rank 2) and granted all clan benefits according to his station.
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